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La Trista
toca i canta
toca i canta en el carreró humit.
La Trista,
toca i canta en el meu cor

Anar a Àfrica
per trobar la pell del meu lleó

opressiva ascendent
pressió maxil•lar extrema
pes al pneumotòrax i greu arítmia hipertrofial
ofec pronunciat , hiperventilació, caixa toràcica a punt de rompre
mal d'estómac incipient, malestar general total
mareig, intestins comprimits
gola seca, insomni
no puc més

La balena que em protegeix
La balena que em salva
La balena que m'ignora
en els mars gelats del nord
La balena de cada dia,
La balena que és bèstia, icona i mite
Algun dia descobriré,
la balena, què significa

De prejudicis carregada la consciència em rau
so fosc, so marró
lluny, sense frenada
odi puja per la gola ja cremada
saps tu qui és l'enemic,
quina és la creuada,
per a mi tot ja és igual,
deixeu-me en p
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My brother's figurine :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 2 2
Mature content
Walter's dream -4 :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 8 14
Goodbye, I guess
A blanket
And a cushion
On the ground
The sheets falling
From the bed
Made a mess
And my chest
With my knees
Your long shadow
On my spine
A final ending
We're sitting
But we're far
Two corpses
An empty bed
There's no light
There's no point
Sheets on the floor
You on the door
I forget to say goodbye
:iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 3 5
We have been found! :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 2 18
"What the heck is love?” I thought, facing the empty paper sheet in front of me. I kept on grumbling in a low voice while I tried to figure out what I was supposed to write. I tried to write poetry, but everything sounded false, boring and dull. Nothing was realistic or deep, I couldn’t make anything but a mixture of corny clichés and gloomy situations.
I let myself fall on the floor of my bedroom, looking at the ceiling, irritated and tired of chewing over the same thing. Artists always have marvelous ideas while thinking in weird poses, at least that’s what happens in movies. Anyhow, I was there, lying like a stupid on the carpet without getting any brilliant idea. 
My brother passed by and laughed when he saw me on the floor, doing nothing but looking at the empty wall.
“What are you doing?” he said, smirking. He wasn’t really surprised because after living with me for so many years he’s used to that kind of things, b
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Edith :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 0 1
Mature content
Walter's Dream -3 :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 17 12
Alone :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 0 3 Girl from the back :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 2 14
Mature content
Shave :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 4 20
Look at the camera :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 3 8
Mature content
Walter's Dream -2 :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 20 31
Doodles :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 0 32
Mature content
Walter's Dream -1 :iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 20 29
Not Cute -Epilogue
Lou moved his toes, which were hanging uncomfortably outside the tiny bed of Aidan’s room, and smiled to the sight of his shorter lover’s feet reposing on his legs. Aidan was lying on his chest, panting. His face was all red and his short hair, which had been totally shaved during his stay in the hospital, looked messy and sticky. The smile on Lou’s lips grew, feeling fortunate.
“Did you like it?” said the blonde, kissing the dark-haired’s forehead.
“Well… yeah” said Aidan, still feeling dizzy. He was kinda shocked. In order to celebrate their six months together they had decided to try new things in bed. “It was okay, but at first it hurt like hell” said the boy.  Lou’s lips trembled a bit, his smile disappearing,
 “But I liked it!” added Aidan quickly, blushing hard. “You’re great”. The two boys kissed tenderly, taking their time to enjoy each other’
:iconnuredunna:Nuredunna 18 30
Visit my gallery! You can find some BL lit, drawings, photos and poetry :D

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Look muumy
look mummy, look what I made
Mummy looked and turned away.
Look mummy, look lets go play
Mummy looked and turned away
Ok mummy have it your way
Daughter looked and turned away
She never turned back the way she came
Some people might say its a shame
But she's happy now and not alone
She has a family of her own
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Sitting here, looking back
I was a bitch I was a slag
I was all the names they used to say
I was the one who ruined every game we'd play
until I saw i the reality of the world
that my screaming voice will never be heard
I now don't know what's real or right
I know I'm looking for a fight
I feel the anger in my bones
One I do not dare try to control
because in the end it makes it worse
A life that used to be a dream is now a curse
I see the hate I see the wrong
I'd thought I'd seen it all along
but now looking deep into hates eyes
I saw all  my life was a horrible lie
So yes Sitting here, looking back
I was a bitch I was a slag
I was all the names they used to say
I was the one who ruined every game we'd play
But no longer will be that one
That has to ruin all the fun
it might take work but i dont care
because evil has an ugly truth that should never be sheared
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I've been out of Deviantart for, like, three months? I haven't looked at it for the whole summer... it seems that the heat makes me even lazier than the usual. Anyway, I'ts time to recover the old habits and return. I'll try to write again and to submit more drawings. I'm sorry for the ones who waited for the next chaper of Walter's Dream, I'm still thinking if I should continue it or not...

Anyway, now I'm working on my first cosplay. On November there's the biggest manga convention of Spain, the Saló del Manga in Barcelona. And, luckily, I'm going to be there! :D So I decided to cosplay San from Mononoke Hime, my favourite studio Ghibli's film.

Her outfit is pretty easy to make, and I won't need a wig since my hairstyle is pretty much the same as hers, so it's not gonna be complicated. Nonetheless, could someone give me some advice about cosplaying?


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